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Business Fundamentals is ideal for recent graduates, working professionals, and students looking for a flexible, time-and-cost-effective learning experience. This accelerated online 14-week program is a subset of McIntire Business Institute, and it’s taught by the same experienced faculty of the McIntire School of Commerce. The curriculum areas include Accounting, Finance and Excel Management, Marketing, and Strategy.

  • Acquire valuable business concepts and skills
  • Learn at your own pace in a flexible, online format
  • Affordable price
  • Faculty-curated and created videos on business topics

This program has rounded out my education... complementing my engineering knowledge with knowledge of how these technologies function in real world markets. It is rare that people possess knowledge in both of these fields... It gave me a huge advantage in my career.

William Vieth


Business Fundamentals offers an abridged version of McIntire’s hallmark undergraduate curriculum, ICE (Integrated Core Experience). We’ve carefully designed our curriculum to provide students with foundational knowledge in four key business areas:


Identify consumer needs and wants and develop strategies for creating, capturing, and communicating value to customers, clients and society.


  • Learn to analyze and record transactions
  • Develop the skills to use the balance sheet and income statement to assess performance and financial position

Finance & Excel

  • Learn the fundamentals of core investing and financial concepts
  • Develop skills in Microsoft Excel to evaluate financial performance, display data, and organize information


Understand the role of the executive in managing and improving the organization over time.

Top-ranked Faculty

Course Leadership

Mark White

Associate Professor of Commerce; Director, McIntire Business Institute

Kathy Crosby


Adam Koch

Associate Professor of Commerce

Jeremy Marcel

Associate Professor of Commerce; Area Coordinator—Management

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