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Cybersecurity for Business Leaders

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Protect Critical Data and Systems

Secure Intellectual Property

Today, every business faces a wide range of cybersecurity threats. The McIntire School of Commerce, in conjunction with the Center for the Management of Information Technology, offers the Certificate in Cybersecurity for Business Leaders to prepare participants to:

  • Identify and respond to threats
  • Protect critical data and systems to secure intellectual property
  • Maintain their organization’s reputation

As cyber threats persist, directors and executives need to step up their cyber risk oversight. The responsibility for handling cyber risk goes well beyond the CISO - cybersecurity should be a business discussion, with the right executives in the room and a sophisticated understanding of the threats.

Amandeep Lamba, Principal - Cybersecurity & Privacy, PwC


The 12-week online Cybersecurity for Business Leaders offers applicable insight from faculty at UVA’s McIntire School of Commerce and cybersecurity industry leaders. Participants will participate in both self-paced and live webinar sessions, learning about security fundamentals and the latest approaches to security operations and risk and audit.

Fundamentals of Security

Understand how modern networks work and the role security technologies have in protecting them

  • Networks and the Internet of Things
  • Security Communications
  • Defensive Technologies and Access Control

Security Operations

Examine attack methods that adversaries use to exploit systems and how organizations can combat them

  • Cyberattacks and Cybercriminals
  • Social Engineering
  • Building Organizational Resilience

Security Risk & Audit

Manage risk, implement frameworks and audit methodologies, and plan for business continuity and disaster recovery

  • Risk Management
  • Disaster Recover Planning
  • Incident Response Planning

Top-ranked Faculty

Course Leadership

Ryan Wright

C. Coleman McGehee Professor of Commerce; Associate Director, Center for the Management of Information Technology; Associate Professor of Commerce

Chris Maurer

Assistant Professor of Commerce, General Faculty

Bryan Lewis

Assistant Dean for Technology & Operations; Lecturer in IT

Chris Porter

Senior Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer, Fannie Mae

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